Installation in progress …

The show installation has started! The boats moored, the tents set up, the flags of the show hoisted …. See you Thursday for the opening at 10am!
Don’t forget that you can see the list of exhibited boats here: BOAT LIST (last updated today)

5 boats reservation made and already 10 pending

5 boats have already registered for the 5th edition of the Second Hand Multihull Show. 10 are still pending. It always takes time for final confirmation but we are still very happy about the dynamic.


New edition confirmed for 2020

After the cancellation of the 2019 edition due to the construction of the new City Aquarium, we are now ready to start this new edition. This year will be specific as it looks like that the Canet Second Hand Multihull Show will be one of the only meeting of multihull lovers. We are expecting a…